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Our workshop, Selling to Senior Executives, will give you a multistep process to reach and impress the “C” people. This process is repeatable, structured, consistent, sequential and manageable. Your can differentiate yourself from the crowd, coupled with our well researched and proven methodology, which will give you the edge you desire in every competitive sales situation.

Corporate Recharge sales training will empower you to have the confidence to reach your clients at an executive level you may never have thought possible. With what we call ‘the unfair sales advantage’, we equip you with the tools and resources needed to change the ground rules and pull the odds in your favour. You will be given the inside knowledge on how to approach, get an appointment with and build a trusted advisor relationship with the top executives. We break the barriers by helping you communicate answers to the specific business issues that keep Senior Executives awake at night.

You will be taught how to do important research before a sales call helping to increase credibility and cultivate the image of a well-prepared, knowledgeable business partner.

You will learn how to have a meaningful ‘business meeting’ versus a ‘sales call’ with a consultative sales approach.

Our sales training courses will culminate in teaching you how to create a compelling presentation addressing the specific issues that all Senior Executive have. You will present explicit business solutions in a professional presentation that no Senior Executive will be able to ignore.

Corporate Recharge is the only group that facilitate this kind of workshop in the ASEAN region, so our sales training courses give you a global edge over your local counterparts. Our professional staff from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines understand the culture and pattern each strategy requires and what is most suitable for your marketplace, without sacrificing the results you are aiming for. These unique sales training concepts will draw you out of your comfort zone and pull you toward opportunities for success never imagined before. Our forte has been IT sales courses but we have held successful workshops for a wide variety of industries such as IT, consulting firms, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, banking and recruitment companies. Corporate Recharge gives you the knowledge and tools so that YOU TRULY CAN meet with the senior executive on an equal footing and deliver a compelling sales presentation EVERY TIME….

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