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“Luring the Tiger Down the Mountain”

Selling to Senior Executives

Participants will learn to:
  • Understand how executive relationships can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.
  • Employ five key strategies to gain access to and get the attention of the hard-to-reach executive.
  • How to reach higher in the organization without damaging existing relationships.
  • Speak the language of the C-Level executive to display specific industry expertise and business acumen.
  • Establish immediate credibility at the C – Level
  • Identify the key business challenges facing the executive’s company as well as the business drivers and corporate objectives that you can impact.
  • Position your offerings as solutions to specific business problems and articulate your unique value proposition.
  • Establish a joint plan for a shared definition of “success” using the client’s success metrics
  • Earn and build high-trust executive relationships that ensure future access
  • Track and manage your value for long-term

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Selling to Senior Executives : “Luring the Tiger Down the Mountain”

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