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We provide sales training for: IT Industries, Consulting Firms, Financial Service Organizations, Real Estate Firms, Travel and Hospitality Enterprises, Manufacturing Industries and Educational Facilities.

We work with highly motivated sales professionals who are 100% committed to selling to their highest potential.

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CEO’s Engage Corporate Recharge to:

• Increase sales revenue
• Align sales activities with their business drivers and critical success factors
• Provide a definitive path to sales success
• Accelerate the attainment of revenue objectives
• Improve their sales team’s effectiveness and productivity

CFO’s Engage Corporate Recharge to:

• Create a definitive financial payback
• Minimize discounts and negotiated concessions
• Reduce cost of sale through efficient resource allocation
• Decrease risk of unprofitable, resource-intense contracts
• Enhance revenue stream forecasting

Sales Managers Engage Corporate Recharge to:

• Construct a comprehensive sales development guide for each sales person
• Ensure focus is on the right issues with the right people at the right time
• Increase sales per employee
• Shorten sales cycle
• Dramatically Improves bid-to-win ration
• Increase new employee ramp-up time
• Enhance account control and forecast accuracy

CMO’s Engage Corporate Recharge to:

• Convert leads into revenue
• Provide measurable results for marketing programs
• Ensure a tangible financial payback for strategic marketing initiatives
• Establish clear, unique business value with customers
• Eliminate departmental barriers with a common sales language

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