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Why Choose Corporate Recharge?

Our training makes a lasting difference…

piclarge4Corporate Recharge was founded in response to an overwhelming need for new sales strategies to accelerate revenue generation in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

The first wave of sales methodology, Feature-Function-Benefit Selling, has been with us for sixty years.

The second wave, Need-Satisfaction Selling through Probing Questioning, is still used by most sales people, including your company’s competitors.

Corporate Recharge’s sale methodology creates competitive advantage by raising sales processes to a level that have yet to be implemented by most enterprises. Adopting Corporate Recharge sales processes your organization will be viewed as a long-term trusted advisor, moving your product and services out of the arena of a price driven and competitive struggle.

This is achieved through the delivery of a structured, scalable and repeatable methodology that shortens the sales cycle, increases the ROI to shareholders, and creates definitive financial payback by dramatically impact a company’s ability to attract and retain revenue while growing their people.


We never deliver ‘off the shelf’ workshops. Our materials are custom tailored to fit your business. all training content will use terminology that is in alignment with your business environment. We can tailor our content to incorporate any and all sales tools and methodology you already have in practice so that everything we teach is congruent with and supports your current sales processes and structure.

We have over 30 years experience working within the Asia – Pacific region. We bring our in-depth cultural knowledge to our training throughout China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Korea, New Zealand and Australia.


The real challenge of any training is to ensure it’s full integration by participants. Research has shown that most training initiatives are only 12% effective in the long term, while when combined with coaching the ‘stickability’ of training can dramatically rise to 84%!

Most training falls short of it’s goal because participants lack the ‘right’ motivation and focus to act effectively in implementing their new skills. We incorporate coaching into all our workshops to provide maximum ROI on training efforts by ensuring that participants have not only improved their skills using the latest in accelerated learning techniques that motivate and inspire; but also have a workable action plan to reach new levels of success in their career.

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