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Brian Huntley

Senior Consultant

picsmall_brianBrian specializes in the sale of solutions dealing in six and seven figure transactions and complex sales cycles to CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and other senior executives. His expertise is built on his own experience in senior management and executive positions in some of the world’s largest companies including Ortho, Johnson & Johnson, Rhone Poulanc, Alcon Laboratories, IBM, Wang, Tandem Computers, Siebel and as President of Oracle Indonesia.

After leaving the IT industry Brian was contracted by major Asian companies to provide sales and marketing expertise drawing on his years in sales and sales management throughout the Asia Pacific region. Clients knew that he was a sales person who had walked the walk…

Prior to starting Corporate Recharge Brian was a certified trainer in the Miller-Heiman methodologies including Conceptual Selling®, Strategic Selling® and Large Account Management Process (LAMP)®. Brian was then employed by Siebel Multi Channel Services (now The TAS Group) as the Regional Manager S.E. Asia. There he introduced Target Account Selling (TAS)®, Enterprise Selling Process (ESP)® and Alliance Management Process (CHAMP)® to major MNC’s in the region.

Noting there was a gap in sales training available on selling to the “C” level Brian developed his popular Selling to Senior Executives workshop which has expanded to include a workshop on Selling Skills For People Who Hate To Sell.

Since founding Corporate Recharge Brian has been in great demand for both keynote presentations and sales training workshops by a broad range of corporate clients including Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, The Lippo Group, Optus, Singapore Telecom, Mincom, Infocom Development Authority of Singapore, and the Australian and Singapore Institutes of Management.

Dan Wakefield

Senior Consultant

picsmall_brianDan is a practical, experienced and successful sales leader and entrepreneur. In his earlier career he was the founder of a recognised UK software start-up that was successfully acquired by a major healthcare application vendor. More recently he was worldwide sales execution coach for one of the globes largest IT companies, running their global sales methodology and sales academies.

Along with a solid background in traditional selling and management techniques including formal qualifications in SPIN, Miller Heiman and The Challenger Sale, Dan has developed and implemented a unique and highly successful value-led selling methodology and framework to deal with the latest buying behaviours in the so called BUYER 2.0 era and the age of free and subscription based software.

He specifically compliments the Corporate Recharge team as the lead practitioner for our in-depth value-led selling workshops and by providing forensic deal analysis and intervention techniques to recover or realign ongoing sales engagements.

He currently lives in Asia and provides services across the APAC region for Corporate Recharge.

Ron Herman

Special Consultant

picsmall_brianAs the newest member of Corporate Recharge,Ron Herman brings a fresh approach to corporate selling; the perfect accompaniment to Brian’s strategic selling style. Ron is a dynamic speaker with a commanding presence.

For more than 25 years Ron Herman has coached and trained elite sales professionals to close high-ticket deals using verbal and nonverbal messages that sell. In virtually every case the results have been exemplary; with closing rate improvements of 200% to 300% and higher being achieved immediately and with regularity. Ron’s track record of revenue increases as a master sales coach and trainer has resulted in his being a highly sought and high-paid troubleshooter for businesses in diverse industries wherever one-to-one or one-to-many communications is employed in selling and negotiations.

Ron’s own highly successful career in sales has accounted for millions of dollars in yearly revenue in diverse industries where he has received countless awards as top earner. His down to earth coaching and training style makes learning sophisticated influence and persuasion skills accessible to both veteran and novice sales professionals alike.

As master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the developer of PLCTM (Persuasion Language Conditioning) Ron’s in-depth understanding of how conscious and unconscious minds work, how decisions are made, why people and companies buy, and most importantly, what makes them buy from you now, is unparalleled.

Ron’s training teaches strategic versus tactical sales skills. Whereas most sales training teaches how to “get past” the gatekeeper, Ron demonstrates how to influence gatekeepers and enlist them as “inside allies” to gain audience with decision makers.

Everyone knows that executives fear salesmen. The “pitch” from a salesman is typically met with barriers comprised of fear, skepticism and indifference. Rapport must be instant, and the pitch must be invisible to surmount these barriers. Then, and only then, the shift from feared and mistrusted salesman to valued and revered“trusted advisor”will be achieved.

Joseph (Jay) F. Johnson

Joseph (Jay) F. Johnson
“Good fortune, positive attitude and enthusiastic approach to life with a mature tenacity to achieve, combined with a personality style which creates a comfortable but confident aura to engage with anyone, in any environment, in any human interactions”

This best describes Jay Johnson, Founder and Director of Pelorus International Pty Ltd, since 1994 a successful consultancy to Information Technology & Communications sales organizations on sales planning and effectiveness.

Jay brings a ‘fresh perspective’ to businesses, and is respected as consultant, coach, and facilitator and speaker on Sales Effectiveness. He has brought pragmatic and honest value during all his consulting engagements while facilitating planning and training sessions across Asia Pacific. His proven expertise, insights and experience in sales, marketing and channels and has helped companies develop and generate incremental, profitable, revenue and relationship growth. Jay has done this through focus on implementing critical sales processes, and execution support in coaching. Subject matter expert in Business Planning, Sales Management Coaching, Account Management Planning, Opportunity Management Coaching, Partner Relationship Management and Facilitation.

Jay has had a successful career within technology sales organizations, beginning with IBM, Wang Computer, and others, in roles from Branch Manager, Regional Manager, VP Sales North America to Australian businesses at National levels in Sales and Marketing.

He has made Melbourne his home, since 1991 while maintaining family and business links with the US, where he was born, raised and educated in the Boston area.

Chelsea Rostill

Corporate Coach

picsmall_chelseaChelsea is an illuminating speaker and energizing workshop coach whose eclectic background distinguishes her with rare mix of knowledge, innovation and wisdom.

Graduating with a B.A. in Communications and Certificate of Liberal Arts from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada. She has a background in Gestalt Therapy and has been trained by Coach U, the recognized leader in coach training organizations, and is a registered coach with the International Coach Federation.

Chelsea has spent over 15 years living and working in the S.E. Asia / Pacific region. She has held management positions in sales and marketing and project management with multinational manufacturing and distribution companies, as well as directing her own successful international coaching practice for 5 years.

Her long-lasting passion for transforming people and organizations has seen her become recognized as a leading resource in the processes of change, self-mastery and motivation.

Conducting programs for individuals, faculty from leading universities, government departments and Fortune 500 companies, Chelsea brings to each workshop her contagious enthusiasm and warm humanistic approach that helps to make the process of personal and organizational change enjoyable and effortless.

As she explains, “Change is inevitable, success is not. To create effective change in people it’s not enough to simply give them new skills and knowledge. The people themselves must also be developed to the next level and be motivated take ownership of their continued growth.”

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