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Corporate Recharge are training specialists who work to create competitive advantage through delivery of advanced programs in our areas of expertise for companies that wish their professionals to excel.

Selling to Senior Executives
“Luring the Tiger Down the Mountain”

This two day workshop presents a solid methodology based on empirical research of the role senior business leaders have in the decision making process for major purchases. It focuses on the necessary skills for salespeople and management who are tasked with selling at the executive level and who are currently involved with obtaining and maintaining key/major accounts. Also, those salespeople wanting to move up into executive sales roles, and any sales managers with responsibility for coaching existing newly promoted or recently appointed salespeople.

This interactive program delivers the most effective methods on how to gain access to business leaders and senior executives, organize sales research and create a customized value presentation that focuses on the client’s specific business drivers, initiatives and critical success factors.

The workshop explains how to articulate a value proposition in the executive’s own language, in a format that is compelling and concise to build long term business relationships, and leverage those relationships to orchestrate a sales campaign that will set your offerings apart from your competitors.

Participants will learn to:

• Understand how executive relationships can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.
• Employ five key strategies to gain access to and get the attention of the hard-to-reach executive.
• How to reach higher in the organization without damaging existing relationships.
• Speak the language of the C-Level executive to display specific industry expertise and business acumen.
• Establish immediate credibility at the C – Level
• Identify the key business challenges facing the executive’s company as well as the business drivers and corporate objectives that you can impact.
• Position your offerings as solutions to specific business problems and articulate your unique value proposition.
• Establish a joint plan for a shared definition of “success” using the client’s success metrics
• Earn and build high-trust executive relationships that ensure future access
• Track and manage your value for long-term

Class Size: max 16
Length: 2 days

Sales Skills for People Who Hate to Sell
“There are Many Paths to the Top of the Mountain”

In today’s competitive business environment, many technical and support people are being called upon to assume the additional role of developing customer relationships and contributing to company revenue such as individuals responsible for sales, sales support, business or account development, and sales management activities with major, national, or global sales accounts

These professionals require a new set of skills and strategies to attract, win and retain customers and been seen as ‘consultants’ to the client, rather than simply ‘sales people’.

This interactive workshop will explain how to gain access to and forge long-term, high trust relationships with the top decision makers. It provides a step-by-step methodology on how to develop a consultative business relationship with clients. It will help save valuable time, shorten buying cycles, generate bigger revenues and ensure future business.

Participants will learn to:

• Position yourself as a consultant vs. product vendor.
• Discover how a consultative sales strategy can decrease price sensitivity and competitive threats.
• Gain access to key decision makers using proven methods that are most likely to succeed.
• Build confidence to call higher in the client’s organization.
• Conduct a consultative business meeting vs. a sales call.
• Easy step-by-step approach to researching a customer’s company, industry and business environment.
• Develop and present a compelling value presentation.
• Focus time and resources where they are most effective.
• Be seen as a trusted business advisor to the client’s organization.
• Maintain ‘loyal’ customers vs. just ‘satisfied’ customers.

Class Size: max 16
Length: 2 days

Customized Sales Training Programs

Corporate Recharge can help you – quickly and affordably – customize a Sales Training system or program for your organization. We can tailor our standard workshops or will completely customize a new unique sales system that will meet specific needs and expectations of your company and selling environment.

Simply put, we design the training to your corporation’s needs either by adapting one of your existing programs, one of our existing programs or customizing a new program from the ground up. Customizing the sales material, role plays, case studies, and exercises allows us to focus the content and the learning activities to get you the most positive impact for your training dollars. Our staff is uniquely experienced in providing sophisticated, customized sales growth solutions for our individual corporate clients.

Most importantly, our track record of repeated successes speaks very eloquently for itself. You’ll find Corporate Recharge creates customized sales solutions that include the latest advances in training technology, greatly expanding your choices in the area. Of course, we can expand or revise content to address your specific organizational needs. The length of the program, the learning level of your employees and the teaching objectives all help define our customizing techniques. Each customized program is totally unique – and strictly confidential. Our proven methodology for creating a clear, structured sales growth strategy will help you maximize market opportunity and revenue growth.

If you would like more information on our customized sales training services please contact us.

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